๐Ÿ’ฐCollection Bids

A Collection Offer encompasses all items within a collection, and when someone accepts this offer for one item, all other offers for the remaining items within the collection will be automatically revoked.

  • Collection Bids are settled using WETH (Wrapped Ethereum).

  • Initiating a collection offer does not immediately deduct funds from your wallet; it only happens upon acceptance by a seller.

  • You have the flexibility to cancel collection offers at any time before they are accepted.

  • Every collection offer is configured with a designated expiration time, and once this time elapses, the offer will be automatically canceled.

Making a Collection Offer

  1. On every collection page, once you navigate to the Place Bids Tab, there is a Collection Bid button next to the sweep function.

  1. Alternatively, simply place a collection bid from the trending page by clicking the Bid button.

  1. Click the button, and the collection bid will be added to the smart cart.

  2. Once you have set the value of the Collection Bid, click the Bid button in the cart and you will be prompted to sign the transaction.

  1. Make sure you have enough WETH in your wallet to cover the bid.

  2. If this is your first time making an offer, your wallet may prompt you to approve WETH before the signature.

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