๐Ÿ’ฐBid on an NFT

Submitting a bid for an NFT is the act of a potential buyer indicating their interest in purchasing the NFT at a designated price. As the seller, you retain the choice to either accept or disregard this proposal.

  • These offers are settled using WETH (Wrapped Ethereum).

  • Initiating an offer does not immediately deduct funds from your wallet; the transaction only occurs upon the seller's acceptance.

  • You maintain the ability to retract your offer at any point before it is accepted.

  • Offers come with a predetermined expiration period, and if this timeframe expires, the offer will be automatically voided.

  • In the event that the NFT, which has received an offer, is transferred to a different address, the offer remains valid.

You can begin the process to make an offer on an NFT from a few different areas on the site.

  • While looking at a single collection

  • While looking at the specific NFT modal.

  1. To place a bid on an NFT, navigate to the collection page of the NFT you are planning to buy. Click the Place Bid Tab.

  1. Click on the NFT and it will be automatically added to the cart. Alternatively, you can place a bid from the NFT pop-up modal which is opened by clicking on the lightbulb on the specific NFT thumbnail.

  1. Once the NFT has been added to the smart cart titled โ€œBidโ€, you may enter in the offer price and expiration date.

  1. Make sure you have enough WETH in your wallet to cover the bid.

  2. Once you have filled the price and expiration date in, click the Bid button in the cart, and your wallet will prompt you to confirm a signature.

  3. If this is your first time making an offer, your wallet may prompt you to approve WETH before the signature.

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